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  •  Childish selfishness with a religious facade (0+ / 0-)

    For some, religion seems to be the chosen path for the mediocre to attain undeserved status

    An excuse to take anything they want from everyone else, and to treat everyone else as a convenience or as disposable.

    Nothing else. This is the entire reason their "religiosity" exists.

    Hunter spoke recently about how as he passed from child to adult he discovered that some adults just don't break through their ignorance. They age but don't mature. They reach a limit and that's it, and some he discovered were just stupid.

    You've pin-pointed this kind of examination to the religious side in a very interesting way.

    "Lording" over people, that tried and tested fear based tool for selfishness.

    You said it just right imo. nailed it home in fact

    Thx JimP

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