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View Diary: Iceland Solves Banking Crisis by Indicting Bankers, Forcing Mortgage Relief (191 comments)

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  •  If we can just print money without it causing (0+ / 0-)

    any pain, why don't we print money for cancer research, for care of our disabled children, for free homes for everyone? Why do we print money for private banks to lend to us at interest, to lend to us as individuals and to lend to us as taxpayers, so that we pay interest to them on the ever expanding and nearly immeasurable national debt? How does this so-called "banking" system benefit us if we can just print money?

    Why, if the collapse of these few enormously crooked banks would cause the collapse of the global economy, would we not have been able to solve that problem by printing money for the solution, for people and projects and work and production? Why do crooked banks have to be in the picture at all? If we're the source of all this so-called capital, why don't we spend it on ourselves?

    What actual function do criminal banks perform other than to create global crisis? If you say there is responsible lending going on within the system, them I'm going to say THAT is the banking system that didn't need a bailout. Why can't we have a global economy built on the banking system that wasn't nailing everyone?

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