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    today, of thinking that is authentically traceable to the original ancient Pharisees:

    Being good, decent people brings God into our midst. We do not need a High Priest to say God’s name secretly once a year for us. By doing good, studying and transmitting Torah to our children (and ourselves), by taking time off for Shabbat, being good parents, being good spouses, being good friends and doing ahavath chesed (acts of loving kindness) we build our own spiritual Mishkan over ourselves for God to dwell with us. This is the basis of the religion of Judaism as formulated by our rabbis in our Talmud and other texts.

    -from A Spiritual and Ethical Compendium to the Torah and Talmud by Rabbi Arthur Segal.

    Ideally, religious engagement provides a refuge from the insanity of the world, and inspiration to live a higher quality of life – so that even when our leaders fail as role models, we don’t take their misdeeds as permission to also behave like scumbags. We don’t think committing a felony is OK because “everyone else is doing it.” We don’t allow them to cheapen our values or to contaminate our attitudes. We can be better than the members of the American Nobility, better than the owners of corporations that collude with them in breaking the law.
    In short, the fundies may be hypocrites, but they don't deserve to be called Pharisees.

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