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  •  No. (4+ / 0-)

    "he was a known quantity to the BART cops"

    "Burris also stated that the criminal conviction and Tasering were "irrelevant to the BART shooting because Mehserle wasn't aware of it when he opened fire."
    •  Burris was just the Grant family's lawyer (0+ / 0-)

      He's just making an argument -- he's  not testifying from personal knowledge.  As for what we atually KNOW, we know Grant had a long criminal history, including crimes using guns.  We know he was high on narcotics on the night in question.  We know he started a fight at the BART station, which is the only reason the cops were involved in the first place.   And finally, we know he was being belligerent and abusive to the cops.  Now, maybe that doesn't mean he deserved to get shot while being subdued, and the cop who shot him has already been convicted, but if you're trying to find examples of supposedly innocent people being subjected to out of control cops, you might want to think twice before holding up Oscar as some kind of shining light.

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