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View Diary: Texas taking health care away from 130,000 poor women to punish Planned Parenthood (155 comments)

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  •  It needs to be put on Lifetime, (4+ / 0-)
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    TrueBlueMajority, LSophia, skohayes, kait

    and Bravo, and The Learning Channel (LOL!) and the Discovery Channel (LOL) and A&E and the Food Network and all the other places where reality tv lives.  Then more people would know about it.

    30 minutes of "news" at 6:30 at night isn't cutting it in keeping the populace informed.

    And the Internet is much too niche, as are the cable "news" channels.

    Nope - it's gotta go viral on the tv machine.

    •  TV watched by women would be a really good (8+ / 0-)

      place to start; also radio programs aimed at women.

      What I'd love to see would be a Texas women's group spearheading a response to this, and the DKos community responding with fundraising for TV and radio ads, for videos done by Texans (YouTube does have a following in Texas), etc.  There would probably be other support we could give, possibly including calling the governor's office day and night, and calling nat'l news programs to ask where the hell their coverage is.  Because a state government knowing that they are getting negative attention nationally does have an impact.  CF the recent dust-up in Virginia.

      So we need to be watching for responses in Texas -- or from national women's organizations -- and stand ready to amplify their voices.

      Damned cowards in the GOP down there, picking on poor women who have few resources and fewer defenders, making their political points by kicking the defenseless when they're down.

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