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View Diary: Universal Health Care - the positive MEME - let's start now! (93 comments)

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  •  Not in our lifetimes... (none)
    Real reform of our healthcare system is just not going to happen. Even "Hillary Care", whatever the hell that is, won't happen, and, if it does, will be at best cosmetic... Why? Money. Huge, steaming piles of it. From the ass kissing FDA to big pharm to demutualized stock price driven insurance companies to the likes of smiling country doc Bill Frist and his multi-hospital owning family, there is just WAY too much money for anything like fairness, values, or even common sense to be allowed...
    •  I simply don't accept that. (4.00)
      The public may not have all the steaming piles of money (damnit!), but we do have the one thing money ultimately can't by - that's the vote. When enough of us decide it's time to turn things around and take this country back it will happen. That much I am sure of.

      I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up!" my mom

      by SF Bay on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 05:49:19 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks! (none)
        Votes can't be bought... He he. Thanks, I needed that... Hamchuck think you funny...

        In all seriousness, I see where you are coming from, but I guess I'm too much of a cynic to see this happening without political change beyond an election cycle or two...

        •  Well... (none)
          2006 is one cycle, and 2008 is two. So there you have it! Universal health care can be a reality in my lifetime. Thanks, I needed that!

          I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up!" my mom

          by SF Bay on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 06:16:48 PM PDT

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        •  I'm normally the cynic (3.66)
          This, however, is a winnable issue.  Everybody across the country sees their healthcare quality and quantity dwindling.  Businesses see their bottom lines dropping because they have to pay out so much in healthcare.  Businesses hire part time to avoid benefits.  People see their co-pays rising through the roof- so much so that it seems to them like they are paying for healthcare and health insurance.  Veterans can't get healthcare.  People you know are routinely kicked out of hospital beds because their insurance covered stay has ended.  Scumsucking nursing home centers steal people's houses and savings to keep them in a crappy home.  Hospitals go bankrupt.  

          Everybody across the country sees healthcare totally and completely failing.  

          This is a completely winnable issue.

    •  Universal Health Care is a MORAL issue (none)
      Don't take my word for it.

      Ask the American people, as the Pew Research Center did.

      Scrap Tax Cuts for Health Insurance

      Fully 72% of Americans agree that the government should provide universal health care, even if it means repealing most tax cuts passed since Bush took office. Democrats overwhelmingly favor this proposal (86%-11%) and independents largely agree (78%-19%). Even a narrow majority of Republicans (51%) favor providing health insurance for all even if it means canceling the tax cuts, while 44% disagree.

      In addition, most Americans ­ especially those who support repealing tax cuts to provide universal health coverage ­ see this as a moral issue as well as a political issue. Just a third believes this is strictly a political issue, while a narrow majority (52%) views it also as a moral question. A big majority of those who support this proposal ­ 61% ­ think of it as a moral as well as a political issue, while most opponents tend to see this in strictly political terms (58%).

      •  there's the evidence (none)
        We just need to take the best ideas and put them together in a common sense plan that helps individuals as well as business. And find a way to take the profit motive at least out of direct care. I appreicate that it costs money to develop drugs, but the obscene profits of the pharm industry are not acceptable. This IS a moral issue, one that needs to be addressed now.

        I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up!" my mom

        by SF Bay on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 10:03:55 PM PDT

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