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View Diary: Universal Health Care - the positive MEME - let's start now! (93 comments)

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  •  I'm normally the cynic (3.66)
    This, however, is a winnable issue.  Everybody across the country sees their healthcare quality and quantity dwindling.  Businesses see their bottom lines dropping because they have to pay out so much in healthcare.  Businesses hire part time to avoid benefits.  People see their co-pays rising through the roof- so much so that it seems to them like they are paying for healthcare and health insurance.  Veterans can't get healthcare.  People you know are routinely kicked out of hospital beds because their insurance covered stay has ended.  Scumsucking nursing home centers steal people's houses and savings to keep them in a crappy home.  Hospitals go bankrupt.  

    Everybody across the country sees healthcare totally and completely failing.  

    This is a completely winnable issue.

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