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View Diary: Aetna CEO: Game Over for Big-Profit Health Insurance (178 comments)

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  •  "can pay" doesn't imply will pay (0+ / 0-)
    Even though the ACA turned around and said, 'ok, we'll force everyone to get insurance and subsidize it so they all can afford to', it also capped the profit margins at a rate lower than other investments can pay.  And capital is all about the profit.  If they can't get the same returns any more from insurance, they take their money elsewhere.
    SingleVoter is unfortunately not likely to receive $68 million/year in insurer CEO compensation.

    I used to read the Wall Street Journal in my twenties and noted say if I only bought XYZ at $8.71/share at its 52-week low I could have been holding stock worth say $15.76/share.

    Picking the right stock and the right time is tough.

    Could and will are different words.

    I'm going to take my marbles home only got cries of derision when I was a young boy.

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