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View Diary: Polls show close Michigan primary race (97 comments)

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  •  Good point. (4+ / 0-)

    I suspect Santorum maybe caused some wavering for a bit, but those folks ultimately cannot accept Mitt Romney unless they have to at the end.

    Still, Romney was gaining momentem long before the debate, as I was pointing out at the time. Right after Colorado, Romney's operation began banking the early vote aggressively. And there's a managerial class of the big three that probably agrees with Romney on the bailout. They'll be with him.

    So as some us were predicting just after Colorado, the election is going to come down to which way Dems and Indies tilt. The best result for our side is a damaged Mitt Romney, which means a vote for Santorum. That's why the Obama Campaign, his superpac, the Michigan Democratic Party, Move on, and now local Democratic Committees are all jumping into this. That's why DK wants to jump into it.

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