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  •  Racism has always been used as a go-to tool by (1+ / 0-)
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    the wealthy, a primary weapon of class war. It keeps the peasants squabbling among ourselves and prevents us from discussing the real problems that beset us or uniting against our wealthy exploiters and oppressors. A good dose of fear among white workers that black people were going to take our jobs and our women, provided by Dr. Warbucks, has turned the trick for years, and has worked so well that we white folks have learned to hate Asians and Meso- and South  Americans with equal gusto, for stealing our jobs and offending our god. Lynching has grown more sophisticated, but that has enabled us to do, sadly, a lot more of it, both here at home and now internationally. A solid clue to what, or more importantly who, is behind this, lies in where this lynching is happening now...neighborhoods of color that can be exploited for gentrification and increased real estate value and land harboring indigenous people and desirable natural resources here at home and anywhere internationally where anybody is so bold as to live above our oil. Who profits from racism? Certainly not the people who have been duped into practicing it at street level. Corporations who practice racial discrimination in hiring lose far more than they could hope to gain. No, only the wealthiest gain from racism, and only in that it divides the rest of us and makes it impossible, so far, for us to form a common front for the common good against our oppressors.

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