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  •  There won't be a brokered convention ... (3+ / 0-)
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    because there are no brokers. If (as is quite possible) no candidate manages to win the first ballot, we're in uncharted waters, and tales of the truly brokered conventions of yesteryear provide little insight into what might happen.

    Apart from whatever allegiance they might feel to the candidate they are obliged to support on the first ballot, the delegates are basically free agents and not really accountable to any party bosses. So, a backroom deal could be made, but that's no guarantee that it would be accepted by the full convention.

    But I very much agree with your main premise that there will be no savior-- for so many reasons. Start with the fact that there are no good candidates at all among nationally prominent Republicans. The names cited in the diary are just further embarrassments. And even if there were a really good candidate he wouldn't want to damage his political future by accepting such a tainted nomination. No, the nominee will be someone who comes to the convention with delegates-- almost certainly Romney.

    "The smartest man in the room is not always right." -Richard Holbrooke

    by Demi Moaned on Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 10:26:31 AM PST

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