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View Diary: Democratic meddling leads to nail biter in Michigan (254 comments)

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    In a USAToday/Gallup poll over the health insurance law (the mandate polled badly):

    The survey also polled voters on their general election preferences. Nationwide, Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, with 47% each, according to the poll. Rick Santorum holds a 3 percentage point advantage with 49% compared to Obama’s 46%.  Both results are within the sampling error of four percentage points.
    You guys pushing this Santorum gambit. God luv ya. I can appreciate the Machievellian element.

    But Jazuz, that stuff works only when the spoiler is a spoiler, not someone who can beat your guy. Mkay? So unless you're competing for the Too Clever By Half medal, I suggest you adjust your strategy.

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