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  •  I get vertigo at times (5+ / 0-)

    nothing like yours, and I hesitate to even compare, but I do get it more than most people.

    On the hearing - I know a couple people who are just about totally deaf but wear something that I've forgotten the name of, but it involves wires on the forehead and scalp. It doesn't work like a regular hearing aid, it skips the ear altogether.

    Have you heard of that?

    •  the vestibular system is simply an amazing (4+ / 0-)

      thing until something goes wrong with it; then this amazing thing produces a lot of misery. Even short vertigo is awful, my first attack which was the warning that the system was breaking down lasted seconds, but I went to my GP for something else and mentioned it. That was when I found out that tinnitus was not normal and that not everyone had it and that it was not blood pressure problems, stress, or an infection and that it may be this weird condition. oops ...

      I haven't heard about that; I was hoping (and still am hoping) that there will not be damage to the nerve and that a cochlear implant can be done. I will have to wait until the ear dies until they will try it. Lip reading is really problematic, but maybe a course will help. I had to give up Italian classes as I could not hear and lip reading a foreign language (forget english) is really hard especially when you are learning the language. :)

      I've stopped wearing the hearing aids; they increase the pressure in my left ear which can cause an attack and depend on my hearing in the right ear which is reduced and where the hearing aid can help. I just need to accept that the thing is going bilateral and try to get hold of myself. The thing you are suggesting may be really useful as it would not create pressure problems in the ear. They are great in the NHS, all hearing appliances are free at the point of entry so I can check to see if they exist here; the other possibility is the open-ear hearing aids which may not go in the ear itself (depending on design). thanks plf515, I will go in with a check-list on april 3rd!

      "Hegel noticed somewhere that all great world history facts and people so to speak twice occur. He forgot to add: the one time as tragedy, the other time as farce" Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte .

      by NY brit expat on Wed Feb 29, 2012 at 03:54:06 PM PST

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