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  •  But they do care (7+ / 0-)

    They care A LOT.

    They want people to like them, everybody does. And they think people DO like them, because look at all the stuff they have! People are always asking them for favors, and for money, and groveling at their feet. Doesn't that mean people like them?

    Romney is the perfect example of this. He so desperately wants to be loved. He can't understand why people don't like him. So he panders - but he's really bad at it because he doesn't even remotely share the background that 99.999999% of Americans have.

    But he's had people groveling at his feet, asking him for favors, and just being obsequious for so long that he doesn't realize that those people don't really LIKE him. They depend on him for their livelihood. So of course they're going to act like he's a great guy. He's their BOSS.

    And now that he's dealing with people who don't HAVE to be nice to him, who don't HAVE to act like he's witty, or cool, or smart, or anything other than some rich asshole, he just doesn't know what's happened.

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