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  •  FDR-Obama (11+ / 0-)

    One thing that is constantly overlooked, when people bemoan the fact that Obama can't seem to shift the political dynamic the way that FDR did, is that the depression had already been raging for a full 3 years by the time FDR got elected. It was very easy for him to pin the blame on Hoover,  it was pretty clear that free market solutions were not working. Although, to be fair to Hoover, he was trying some prototypical WPA-like projects at the end of his term. Hoover, no doubt, would be considered a raving Communist-Socialist-Marxist-Stalinist-Hitler, by today's standards.The Republicans lucked out in 2008, in that the meltdown happened right at the end of Bush's term, just in time for Obama to bear the brunt of having to take responsibility for the various bailouts. The realignment is happening, but the time frame is shifted from 1932. In this case, I don't think it will be fully realized until the end of what I confidently believe will be Obama's second term.

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