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  •  There is no pendulum swinging..... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...there are quarks being flung in every direction and our society is becoming more chaotic and less cohesive.

    Obama, if he wins, will win by the skin of his teeth. Money is all that matters here and they will have much, much more. Mitt is no less "gaffe-prone" than George Bush. They got in him installed and then elected anyway.

    Pendulum swinging in our direction? With abortion becoming less available as an option every minute? With an actual national discussion about whether birth control should be legal? With police officers shooting up images of Obama and posting them on Facebook.

    No, things are bad. All the Republicans have to do is peel off a few hispanics and even blacks over religious issues, scare some middle class households with the word "taxes" and we are back in George Bushland.

    Even if Obama wins, he cannot win Congress and so the victory would be entirely pyrrhic.

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