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  •  Exactly. (none)
    That's why I have long recommended that people like Melody learn things like tae kwan do or jiu-jitsu.  Or she could have just picked up a fucking baseball bat and clubbed Bolton halfway to Tashkent.

    In that situation, Melody was fully justified to open up a can of whup-ass on our future UN ambassador and beat him until his ears bled.  Maybe, after he woke up from his coma, he would learn that actions have fucking consequences, a lesson most neocons never seem to have absorbed.  People like Melody, and so many of us, spend too much time waiting for some mythical set of referees to come and blow the whistle on thugs like Bolton.  There ARE no referees.  Call your own fouls, and use a club if need be.

    •  It isn't too late. (none)
      Jump his ass.
      •  LOL, exactly (none)
        Which brings me to a possibly chauvinistic question that I'll ask anyway...if she's married, where the hell was her husband?  Not that I'm saying women must wait for a man to defend them (my wife is tougher than nails and has rammed more than one asshole's head through the drywall), but if I were Mr. Townsel, I'd have been waiting for Bolton in his office ready to beat him stupid.  Nobody fucks with my wife like that and escapes the consequences.

        And if I were MRS. Townsel and he had treated my hubby like that, same deal.

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