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  •  not a tin hat (none)
    It IS relevant to this discussion that the source of this information, which I think is probably true, ALSO works  as a consultant who claims to be able to get things into the media.

    From her townsel-communications bio:
    "her successes included generating more than 1.5 billion financial and consumer impressions in publications ranging from the new york times to fast company."

    If you read up the thread you see a long discussion involving non-journalist, non-PR kossacks regarding how WE can get this story into the media for Melody.

    Isn't there a disconnect here?  The author of the letter, and the poster of the letter, are self-described experts at getting things into the media -- to the extent that they make a living by doing just that.  But apparently they are choosing Kos amateurs to get exposure instead of calling their contacts at media organizations.

    Surely there is a reason for this, we just don't know what it is.  

    I don't think Melody Townsel or amyindallas are lying.  But the omission of this relevant information regarding what they know about getting press for stories is concerning...if you manpulate media for a living, I'd like to know that before I help you manipulate the media, even if I believe the content of your message.

    I think wabegg is right on target in trying to get this information into the discussion.

    I was about to email the link to this story to a friend and decided I better check up on it first, and stopped dead when I found the townsel-communications page.


    •  it's the wrong song.... (none)
      you can't find this Melody in the MSM. Apparently "extremism in defense of corporations is not a vice". But I am guessing from the Dallas Morning News response that Melody is viewed as a risky Bush-hater.

      Hagel is wavering reportedly, but apparently not because of this story.  The only things that seem to have traction are related to his supression of accurate info. Hope there is more of that out there somewhere.

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