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View Diary: The Private Prison Industry: Resistance isn't Futile (10 comments)

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  •  At 10:00 am EST March 1, 2012 letters are being (0+ / 0-)

    sent out to 48 Governors from the Presbyterian Church's PHEWA Criminal Justice Network taking a position against prison privatization or in any way profiting off of incarceration in the U.S.  This letter is in response to letters issued by Corrections Corporation of America to those Governors advising of CCA's offer (corrections investment initiative) of purchasing state prison facilities with a requirement that in each case the state provide a 20 year management contract and guarantee ensuring a 90% capacity of each facility for the contract term.  The Press Release is going out nationwide this morning and should be in the news tonight.

    They are partnered with the United Methodist Church, the Church of Christ, the ACLU and 56 other organizations, groups and/or businesses in a total of three letters and Press Releases going out simultaneously.

    Please embargo this information until after 10:00 am EWST, March 1, 2012.

    "Inmates should be reformed - not recycled"

    by Bob Sloan on Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 06:00:33 AM PST

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