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View Diary: Romney backers fought for open primary (124 comments)

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    The idea of open primaries is odd.  It seems to have been designed to accommodate (1) self congratulatory factional hooliganism like Operation Chaos and Operation Hilarity or (2) the off chance that a highly over-rated "undecided voter" will brush the cheetos crumbs off his chest, get off the couch and have a come to Jesus moment on primary day.

    The opportunity for factional hooliganism in the other guy's primary is dependent on you deciding that the down ballot races in your own party deserve your disregard.  It should be a red flag.  Or do I have it wrong? It varies from state to state.

    Here in Pennsylvania,  if you want to vote in the primary you have to register with your party of interest , i think, 30 days in advance.  That is nearly perfect.  

    About two  months out I review the ballots, consider with which party i can have the most influence on what i want to happen.

    I mail in my party affiliation change form to the election board.   They send me a confirmation.  I show up on primary day. vote. and on the way out  the door of the polling site, pick up a re-affiliation form from the poll workers, and am returned promptly to the rolls of the happily 'non affiliated'

    In 2008 I was briefly a Dem in order to support Obama in the primary.  As of now, I am temporary Republican in order to make myself available to sign nominating petitions for the rogues gallery hoping  to replace Todd Platts in the PA 19th, and to vote for Pat Vance (my local Republican state legislator) who is facing some serious tea bagger challenges.

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