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View Diary: Science Friday: A new generation of nuclear warheads? (104 comments)

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  •  Great diary, Page (none)

    "What is the point of having weapons if you don't use them", says just about every military mind you ever come across.

    Politically too immense a weapon? So downgrade them a little, make them within the saleable to the public imagination. Didn't the spinmeisters brilliantly invent the phrase "tactical nuclear weapon". Then they become available for use.

    •  Bingo (none)
      They want to use them but current models have a bit of a sterotype.....can you see the head line (US drops Nuke on Saddam's Palace)  followed by
      (200 000 suffer radiation poisoning).

      In stead these guys with the support of the MSM would be billed as

      "Bunker Buster hits Saddam's Palace hard"

      followed by

      "100 000 suffer radiation poisioning"

    •  Not true (none)
      "What is the point of having weapons if you don't use them", says just about every military mind you ever come across.

      I served in the military.  Nuclear weapons are, in the eyes of the vast majority of senior officers in the western world viewed exactly that way: they are the one weapon that you never, ever, want to use because once you do, you never know where it ends.  It's the shiny toy that you keep in the glass case for everyone to admire, and you never bring it out to play.  If you do, the game is over.

      That isn't to say you don't plan on how to use them if they do come out: it's a good military's job to plan for as many possibilities as it can conceive (which is why it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there's some brief plan in some desk somewhere dealing with alien invasions).  But you hope it never happens.

      Which is exactly the same thing, come to think of it: What is the point of planning if you never do it?  Well, a lot of planning goes on that will never be implemented.

      •  I accept that... (none) comment was crudely stated in order to make a point and should not be taken to seriiously suggest that military officers do not share our own concerns about their use.

        That is as far as I can go to meet you, however.

        Nuclear weapons are there in the arsenals, they exist, the planning scenarios are drawn up and the training and selection of those with the capability to act are complete.

        I think we are closer than our posts suggests.  :)

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