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  •  We need bunker busters because... (none)
    ...our enemies might hide in bunkers deep in the ground that regular old nuclear weapons wouldn't be able to get to. We have to be honest that it's not about getting to chemical or biological weapons in bunkers: what good would they be to an enemy if we defeated them? And what good would it be to us if we, win or lose and wherever we were, exposed stores of chemical and/or biological weapons and detonated nuclear devices in the process? Weapons of war are not designed to fight weapons of war, they're designed to kill humans that might use weapons of war. Period.

    Then I have to ask myself: If I got me some enemies in a bunker in the ground and my Little Boy can't get to them, but I am in a position to drop that Little Boy on them, then could I do much worse than drop that Little Boy on top of them? I mean, the danger to myself is the same, so what's the difference? I could drop me 75 or 100 bombs a hundred times as powerful as Little Boy right on top of that bunker--I might not get those fuckers down in that bunker, but they're sure as fuck gonna stay in that bunker until they're all dead and all their offspring are too. Of course I'd be dead too, but again--what's the difference?

    So, that leads me to conclude that somebody, as usual, wants to make a whole bunch of money. And where does the most money in the world reside? In our pockets. How do they get that money out of there? By lying to us with lies that frighten.

    Usually works.

    Anything by Loudon Wainwright III

    by Earl on Fri Apr 15, 2005 at 11:02:12 AM PDT

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