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  •  what blows my mind (10+ / 0-)

    is how clear it is that governments are the servants of corporations. We may not have total corporate rule yet, but we are getting closer.

    The big lie is that wealth is good and abundance is limitless, in that sort of New Agey, feel-good, everyone can prosper way. Which is nonsense, because resources are limited. Wealth can't exist without poverty. It can't exist except for on the backs of others. By definition, if Person A has everything, Person B has nothing.

    The purpose of the middle class is to legitimize wealth and to protect the wealthy from the poor. And also, to buy the stuff the wealthy produce. Without the middle class, the wealthy would be sitting in their mansions in the dark without a trash pick-up, and they wouldn't have all their expensive shit because the industries that create that stuff couldn't survive.

    For this reason alone, I have to believe the economy will turn around. History has demonstrated that unrestricted greed ultimately backfires on the 1%. People can be pushed pretty far, but there is a breaking point when rebellion becomes the best option.

    I guess the corporations could "outsource" the middle class along with our jobs - ? Someone has to be at the bottom, or there can be no top, but my guess is that widespread unrest in any region will be viewed as untenable and not allowed.

    Wish I had the time and the emotional energy to go through the latest leaks and figure out what's going on - instead of waiting for others to summarize for me. I'd like to interpret the raw info for myself.

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