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  •  ah, the manipulation of voices through (0+ / 0-)


    that's why i like kaye so much - she is vocal, powerful and perfectly on pitch.  was classically trained and does opera as well as jazz and blues.  amazing voice!

    my current beef is with the theatre where NONE of the performers now can project to be heard from the stage - they all are miked - and it drives me nuts!

    when i was in the theatre (costume designer/makeup artist) my masters required we learn all aspects of the performing arts.  my minor was speech and voice production - i could be heard in an outdoor amphitheatre that sat 1100 people downwind in a hurricane from behind a 1 1/2 thick wooden fence as the "screamer" during one battle scene - i loved my "performance" between changing my dancer's costumes.

    in my day (here comes the old person rant...) there WERE no microphones - people could project their voices in speaking tones to the back of the house.  nowadays, so many singers i hear that are miked have thin, hollow voices that are so weak because they have NOT been trained to control and use their voices.


    well, if you're in l.a. area - then check out kaye's website - her tour dates down that way are online.  she is one of the real ones - true professional... she is getting airtime now on sirius' b.b.kings blueville.  king even said she was one of the up and coming ladies of the blues!  

    well, crashing soon - so i'll check back in later today - have a great nite!  enjoy some cool jazz or sweet blues!


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    by edrie on Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 12:14:09 AM PST

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