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  •  for your information, friend, i worked in ny (0+ / 0-)

    in the theatre and ballet for the majority of my career.  i worked and was friends with many people who were finally able to be themselves - and worked with and was friend with those who faced horrific discrimination.  

    you choose to give several isolated individuals about whom you have read (given that you were not even born when betty freidan incident occurred) as total proof of what was happening.  

    you again have not dealt with the FACT that i was living this contemporaneously and was/is aware of the dialogue that was starting by MY generation at the time.

    it is frightening to think that you teach "culture" from a position of distance and refuse flatly to open your own mind to the possibility that there is more to the history than you have assumed.  perhaps, it is not i who should go learn history.  

    were you to learn "history", you would learn that issues do not change miraculously overnght. as i said previously, we opened the door so that it could be pushed open - before my generation, the discussions of equality never existed.  only the prejudice was there.  and, yes, SOME of the prejudice is still there - but the door is opened and now, gays can openly serve in the military, in some states- can legally marry and more.  

    the problem, now, as i see it with SOME in generations x,y,z and more is they blame my generation for not "fixing" everything for them.  well, sorry - it takes work on your part, too.  we started something but if you want it better, pick up the ball and carry it forward.  we are not going to be around to "give" you everything you want - you're damned well going to have to do some of the heavy lifting now that we are old!

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    by edrie on Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 02:20:09 PM PST

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    •  Yeah, okay, whatever. (0+ / 0-)

      I stand by what I said.  That is the history of the movement.

      My mind is open.  Yours is not.  You insist that everyone listen to you, and you haven't spent a moment listening to anyone else.

      You're right.  This discussion is over, but you have confirmed everything I've already suspected.  I thank you for that.

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