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  •  i am capable of understanding what she said. (0+ / 0-)

    it is what you say that is being debated.  

    you have stated that the boomer generation did nothing to advance gay rights (not true).  you accused freidan of the following:

    In fact, Betty Friedan led feminists in 1969 in an anti-lesbian crusade that poisoned feminism against lesbians for an entire generation, writing that lesbians were a "Lavender Menace" threatening the entire movement, shoving lesbians back into their closets in service of the "greater good".  She called lesbians a "clear and present danger" to the movement, and distanced NOW from the Daughters of Bilitis (at the time, the only lesbian organization in the U.S.).
    in that statement, you were wrong.  friedan (NOTE: my spelling corrected from earlier reversal of i and e) lead a movement to get women recognized in the work place and in society.  she was NOT starting a "gay rights" movement which would have distracted from her writings on women's rights to equal employment, health care, birth control, etc.

    and, you neglect to put in context her objection to the insertion of homosexuality into the feminist movement.  in MY day - one which i lived DURING the explosion of the work "the feminine mystique" onto our identities, the common accusation from the men (who were threatened by our expression of self worth) was that we were all "lesbians".  that was the term used to denigrate and undermine the movement.

    at that particular point in time, homophobia was rampant.  gays were afraid to admit their own sexuality and the spectre of "gayness" was to push women back into the kitchen.

    that friedan and others in the feminist movement fought against being labeled lesbians (which they were not, btw), was to prevent the movement from being stopped in its tracks.

    it is ONLY through the feminist movement, which resulted in access to birth control and, eventually, the right to determine whether or not a woman had to bear a fetus to term, that the gays found the cover and support to speak up and speak out.  it was OUR generation's acceptance of sexual freedom that gave rise to the possibility of gays becoming visible members of society.

    you take out of context some small fragment of a movement without understanding the greater whole of that movement and twist it to support your own preconceived bias.  that is both unfortunate and ...  well, i won't use the word i started to use - i'll just end with "unfortunate".

    •  Ask your lesbian friends about Friedan. (0+ / 0-)

      Seriously.  This was not a "minor thing".  Look into the "Radicalesbians".  There was very real, very tangible anger, and Friedan's "Lavender Menace" comment led to the creation of a resistant lesbian-feminist movement.

      It's not a "small fragment of a movement", and I certainly understand the whole of it, thank you very much.

      You're way, way off-base here, and the first part of your post is just justifying her homophobia.  It's sad and lame, but an oh-so-typical defense of the homophobia (or other bigotry) of one's heroes.

      •  dear, you are too young to understand what (0+ / 0-)

        was happening in the time and context of my generation.  you were not born yet.

        you are missing what i posted.  whether or not friedan was resistant to the movement of lesbians in the TIMEFRAME that it happened is NOT what i am alluding to.

        the attempts to take the movement into a direction that the nation was not ready to address was the issue.  you do NOT seem to be able to comprehend the situation as it existed in the time this occurred.

        as long as you continue to look at this through modern perspective and judgement, you will never understand.

        what an idiotic claim that i am defending homophobia.  there are times that i think the younger gay activists don't have a clue what it was like to live before the 60s and the changes that occurred because of that generation.

        you are sadly misguided. and you continue to refuse to acknowledge that you might not know "everything" about this matter.

        this is a self sustaining ignorance.  and it does harm to the movement to obtain gay rights in this nation.  who do you think is STILL on the ground fighting for YOUR issue?  you do not have sufficient majorities to win this battle without those from multiple generations, including mine.

        so, before you go off blowing off - i suggest you step away from the computer and take a deep breath - while the REST of us keep on fighting for your right to marry, live openly, etc.

        alienating us is non-productive.  fortunately for you, i am not swayed by the chosen ignorance of a single individual.  i will continue fighting for your rights in spite of your open hostility and deliberate misrepresentation of what my generation has done to benefit you.

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