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View Diary: NE-Sen: Bob Kerrey decides to run for Senate after all (243 comments)

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  •  What I want (10+ / 0-)

    Is perhaps some acknowledgement that even shitty corporate Democrats are vital to the progressive project when they're running in conservative states, because their vote for majority leader makes the good work done by people like Al Franken and Barbara Boxer possible.

    The senator from Nebraska will never be a reliable supporter of the progessive movement, because the people of Nebraska are not progressive, and they're allowed to vote. I'm looking for the person who squeezes out the maximum possible progressive juice from the conservative lemon that is Nebraska, and Bob Kerrey is that person.

    •  You know, I regret commenting on the subject. (0+ / 0-)

      Mainly because a number of responders have chosen to interperet my failure to jump for joy as an opportunity to tell about how the political process works and lecture me about the importance of having more Dems in the Senate.

      I know we need all the Democrats we can get.

      I know we need enough Dems to get and keep committee chairs.

      I know Kerrey is better than a Republican.

      I knew all this decades ago.

      I just don't think much of John Kerrey.

      Is that OK?  Or do I need another lecture?

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