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    as governor. After Romney's election, we continued to lose population, and in a really great example of shooting one's foot, he slashed slashed slashed education funding in those years (my friends on the local School Committee were saying just before the downturn in 2008 that we had just about reached the pre-cuts funding levels of 2002ish - that is, equal but not equal, since costs and inflation had risen, especially health care costs).

    Thank god we had Patrick in place, who has put a premium on not overburdening the school systems with cuts as much as he can. It's what a lot of our stimulus money (and rainy day fund) has gone to. Patrick is fond of saying, as in his 2010 reelection ad, "if you are in the second grade, you don't get a chance to do it over again...your time is now." He's been pretty good to his word on that.

    And lo and behold, in the last several years, our kids were #1 in the nation on the national tests. Shocking.

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