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View Diary: Breaking: Racist Obama email from Chief U.S. District Judge in MT (368 comments)

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  •  Perhaps we're both responding to arguments (0+ / 0-)

    that neither of us made.

    When you used the word "we" I thought you meant either "we at Daily Kos" as many others here have, or "we the people whom the judge is supposed to serve."

    You seem to be using "we" to mean "employers in general" and of course you're right about the ability of most employers to seize (and, usually, monitor) the computers they provide for employee use.

    In the case of the judge, you would need to identify the "employer" for these purposes, and that is not entirely clear. Unless a missed a fairly recent resolution, it is a subject of dispute, but a dispute that is not relevant to this case.

    The email "joke" is public because it was made public by a recipient. It would open the judge up to misconduct charges even if he had sent it from his private account. But you are right about the cautionary tale that all employees should take to heart.

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