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View Diary: Obama's True Brilliance Was Shown BEFORE the Rescue of the Domestic Auto Industry (141 comments)

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  •  Backwards view of industry creation (2+ / 0-)
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    annan, maybeeso in michigan

    They have a strange view of industry creation. They think the car is created first, then the parts are distilled from the car and created afterwards.

    They really don't see how the streams of parts (some of which are used in other industries) feed into the final product. Although considering their argument process, it does follow. After all, they come up with the final statement, and create the arguments that lead up to that statement.

    And, as you point out, all the subsidiary and ancillary businesses that follow behind a business. I was in Houston during 82-87 with the oil crash, and it really drove home how much Houston depended on the oil and gas businesses.

    Without the small businesses, big business doesn't survive. They're trying to crush the foundation rather than making sure it's as strong as possible.

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