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View Diary: Obama's True Brilliance Was Shown BEFORE the Rescue of the Domestic Auto Industry (141 comments)

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    I can't prove this, but only say that this is what I strongly suspect.

    If a Republican had been president, he probably would have extended a bridge loan (it was never a bail out) to Detroit automakers.  

    Why?  Because it makes sense, and it's not a partisan issue -- not unless it's a Democratic president offering to do it.  Then it becomes an ideological battleground.

    Likewise, the banking bailouts of the early part of 2009.  Same thing.  A Republican president would have done it, too, although we can suspect there would be differences in size and/or implementation.  It amazes me how anti-bailout the Republicans became AFTER Bush was gone, but not before he was gone and pursuing similar policies.

    Why would a Republican president have done that?  Because 1) they like being reelected and 2) they have friends in high places in finance that would have told them it was the Republican thing to do.  And likewise, they would have defended the right of bailed out CEOs to give themselves big bonuses.

    If we had a Republican president, we also might very well have had Romneycare/Obamacare.  

    We could go on and on like that.

    My point: I can't see a point in patting ourselves on the back too much for doing things that the Republicans would have done as well -- before they painted themselves into a corner in a kneejerk reaction.  None of this was ever of any real ideological significance.  It's all manufactured bullshit.

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