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    I've known for years that Roe v Wade wasn't the issue.  Loving babies has nothing to do with transvaginal ultrasounds.   If caring about babies and children was even on the radar we'd have universal health care.  If caring about the babies mattered, we'd have laws that held baby daddies responsible for the financial well-being of their offspring.  If anyone on your side gave a shit about the babies America wouldn't have worse maternal and fetal outcomes than Bangladesh has.  If you cared about the babies you'd be marching for affordable birth control options that don't harm women's bodies because forced birth is an untenable option for the child involved in the process.
    Your entire diary is awesome, but this paragraph really drives home a very important point, and one not being discussed (or barely).  Rush, et al., want to screw women to get them pregnant, screw them to KEEP them pregnant, and then SCREW them so that they have almost sole responsibility for the unwanted children born out of force.  Then, of course, cut all social programs that could possible help the mothers and/or children, because it's all the slutty mother's fault to begin with, and slutty behavior should NOT be rewarded. In fact, the more suffering that can be inflicted on not just the slut but her slut kid(s), the better.

    The depth of the hate is unconscionable.  

    The rest of your diary is SPOT ON!

    Well fucking done.

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