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View Diary: To Those Behind This Ad, Please Respect Our Beliefs and Traditions (136 comments)

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    AaronInSanDiego, Mets102
    I cannot speak to the level of disrespect in Muslim tradition for doing so.
    Our position is very similar to the Jewish position.  Both religions, as my understanding goes, are concerned about how the printed materials bearing God's name may be disposed of in the future.  Thus, both Muslims and Jews try to avoid situations like the billboards in which the name of God is not disposed of in an improper manner, the improper burning of the Qur'ans in Afghanistan being another recent example.  

    The primary consideration for the vast majority of Muslims is whether the printing in Arabic or another language.  Thus, we do try to minimize the printing of Islamic materials in Arabic that would get into the hands of non-Muslims so that these improper disposals are minimized.  For example, I'm writing a book on Islam that's geared for non-Muslim readers; I decided that I would not include Qur'anic verses in Arabic in the book so that I could avoid any problems.

    For the record, while I don't practice the writing of "G-d" myself, I totally respect Mets' position; in fact, I do know of one Muslim who also uses "G-d" in all his writings.

    Muslims and tigers and bears, oh my!

    by JDsg on Sat Mar 03, 2012 at 01:35:20 AM PST

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