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View Diary: Nancy Pelosi: Ryan-Wyden Medicare plan 'lipstick on a pig' (67 comments)

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    I first voted for Ron Wyden in 1980 when he primaried then sitting Democratic congressman Bob Duncan. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Duncan shortly before the primary, and I told him that I hoped Wyden would beat him so that we could get some effective representation in Congress, because essentially Duncan wasn't doing his job.   Wyden did prevail in that election, and I continued to support and vote for Wyden in every election  until his last Senate run. I did not vote for Ron Wyden in the last election, nor do I intend to vote for Wyden in the future. These are among my reasons for abandoning Wyden:

    1. He is a free trader. My sympathies lie with the  anti-globalization movement. Wyden voted for and is a supporter of NAFTA and CAFTA, and of the radical free trade regime in general  being implemented by by the multinationals in the U.S.

    2.  Wyden is determined to gut Medicare, which is ironic,  since he was first elected to Congress as an activist for seniors citizens.

    3. He voted to confirm John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

    4. He has voted to end the estate tax, and favors moving towards a flat tax. I personally have sat in a room and heard him lobby for the end of the mortgage deduction and the imposition of a flatter income tax on American families.

    In all, Wyden seems more like a Northeastern Republican  than a Northwestern Democrat to me. I suspect (but cannot prove) that he spends more time at his New York residence than he does in Oregon....

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