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  •  Great post, Claude! (Plus a SMHRB question) (18+ / 0-)

    Hi to all, esp James the GrandDad in Chile, Sid, and Borki. Hope you are all doing well!

    We're under a high wind advisory all of today; years ago that might have meant lots of power issues for our neighborhood but lately not so often. But, we had the winds at my daughter's last week, and her power blinked off a half-dozen times in 2 hours, some only a minute apart, which is not good for electronics, motors, and other energy consuming devices. (I babysit the twins there weekends while my daughter works, so I miss SMHRB sometimes - unfortunately I don't have access while there, as she uses her cell as her access point.)

    Finally - I have my computer "test bench" up and (mostly) running, a setup I've wanted for years. This past week I got 2 complete machines built and running out of the stacks of parts laying around, thanks to my new ability to definitively choose stable power supplies, motherboards, processors, etc. Of course, I also now have a pile of non-functional or unstable power supplies, motherboards, processors, etc!

    If anyone has computer problems, hardware/software/connections/online access/setups/malware/whatever - post them for me and I'll try to give you good advice. My public addy is in my profile if you don't want to post details here, but make sure you post a note here because I don't check the public email every day. I've got about as many years experience in computers as Claude has in Rumfords, so I may be able to help....and it IS offered free to fellow dKos regulars, of course!

    Claude - I finally misplaced my own WholeEarthCatalog - the first big edition. I devoured that book, marked it with notes, chased down references, and generally used it as a springboard to my DIY lifestyle. Learned many things from it and from following Stewart Brand over the years - so much so that I "re-bound" the WEC in plastic to preserve it and kept it on a special shelf under my desk with other indispensable reference books, but alas, it's somewhere in a closet here and I can't put my finger on it to see what you noted above. I don't think most of the later editions were quite as helpful or in-depth, but that's just my opinion - YMMV.

    As a side note, since I literally learned most of my basic DIY skills from books before practicing them, I'd like to throw out this question to all SMHRB posters - What books would you be most lost without as a DIY'er?

    Mine would be: "The BH&G Handyman's Book" and "Formulas, Methods, Tips and Data", plus a good dictionary - yes, we still look words up!

    Note your responses below - there will NOT be a quiz later.

    "The first duty of government is to protect the powerless against the powerful."
    Code of Hammurabi, 1700 B.C. (How Republicans have turned THAT around!!)

    by CodeTalker on Sat Mar 03, 2012 at 06:58:08 AM PST

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