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  •  Mine got @ 97 dings a few years ago (17+ / 0-)

    I did file, since there were so many large ones (to me, quarter and larger are big, dime-size or barely rippled are small). I got $2,200 for the damage. It was a hailstorm at my Mom's - the local car dealerships lost millions in inventory because all the cars in the lots were heavily damaged, but mine was under a large tree.

    Many small dimples DID disappear as the summer wore on, and I never did repair them. But you can buy a "pop-out" kit, with a suction cup "puller", and try it yourself! You can use most kinds of suction cups designed for a load, like window glass - they are sturdy, maybe black rubber, small to large, and have a "vent release" handle to ease off the vacuum. Look at auto supply catalogs, maybe JCWhitney? You can get a regular kit with different sizes of cups. Auto parts stores and paint shops carry them; you don't need the expensive kind, just make sure they'll actually MAKE and HOLD a good vacuum before shelling out your bucks...

    Then, just center the cup on a ding, "suction-ize" it, and PULL away. Experiment if you go this route; some will yield to short strong pulls, others might need long-term pressure or even less pressure, some might yield to rocking motions. Also, have a kind of "contour gauge" at hand - something that is closely shaped to the contour of the surface, and use it before, during and after the pulls, to see how the dings and dimples are rebounding by sighting the light that passes between it and the surface.

    With a bit of judicious work, you might never notice them again, and your paint shouldn't suffer if you don't do anything too drastic. Dimples and dings don't usually break paint films, either, so it's all in the eyeball, LOE. Just keep looking as you go...take your time.

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