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    I get my firewood off my 20 acres. It comes from slash piles (logging before we bought the property), dead trees/windthrow or thinning our woods.

    All of that wood is going to become CO2 through rotting (although that's a very slow process here) or more likely CO2 or CO in the next forest fire - the last one crossed our property in 1994. And my woods is more likely to survive the next fire because thinning and cleaning out dead wood keeps the fuel loads low and allows the remaining trees to grow bigger and healthier.

    If I lived in the desert or Manhattan, it wouldn't make much sense to burn wood. If I lived some place that had frequent inversions that held smoke down, or didn't have an efficient, EPA-approved stove, it might not be very healthy.

    Every one of my neighbors heats with wood, and unless some one has just started a fire, you usually won't even smell smoke, much less see it.

    Sustainability isn't a set of rigid, globally-applied rules - it's adopting the appropriate technology on a local basis.

    It's never too late to have a happy childhood - Tom Robbins

    by badger on Sat Mar 03, 2012 at 11:13:11 AM PST

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