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View Diary: We're not done yet: My letter to about their support of Rush Limbaugh (116 comments)

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  •  Angie's List-My pre-Fluke complaint (21+ / 0-)

    I received a junk email from Angie’s List and tossed off a 2-line response, but Angie’s List escalated:

    Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 6:05 PM
     To: Angie's List Member Services
     Subject: RE: Rush Limbaugh

     Is it true that you are a sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh show?  I cannot possibly trust a company that trusts Limbaugh.  Take me off your email list now.

     To: [me]
     Subject: RE: Rush Limbaugh
     Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 16:51:44 +0000

     Hi James,

     Thanks so much for writing to us. I do apologize for any frustration caused by our advertisement running during the Rush Limbaugh program. I do want you to know that our advertising strategy is to use as many networks and venues as possible to share information about the service we provide at Angie's List.

     We use this wide array of venues not to express support for any specific outlet, philosophy or comment from whoever is hosting or participating in each show, but to reach as many consumers from as many points of view as possible. We place ads on all the major networks and cable outlets, as well as radio and newspapers, reaching outlets that cover the gamut of conservative to moderate to progressive to liberal. On any given day, we'll hear negative reaction to our choices from each part of that spectrum, most of them protesting that we do not support their particular issue or that we do support another.

     Just as we trust members to read reports and make their own decisions about which service companies to hire, we trust them to make their own choices about which outlets to watch, listen to and read. We don't believe it's our job to tell them which of those venues to support or monitor. That said, we have ongoing conversations about where to place our ad dollars, and we'll certainly add your comments to that discussion.

     As requested, I have made certain that you have been removed from our mailing list; however, this process may take up to one full business week to complete. I apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime but assure you that this matter has been handled.

     Please visit and click on the "Contact Us" link if you have further questions. You are also welcome to simply respond to this email if needed.

     We really appreciate your email as well as your patience. Again, I apologize for your troubles.

     Have a fantastic day, James!

     Shannon K.
     Written Correspondence
     Angie's List

    I was irritated by the nanny-state snark:

    From: [me]
    Subject: RE: Rush Limbaugh
    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:49:27 -0600

    There are several reasons why your reply does little to restore trust in your company.
    First, Rush Limbaugh sponsors are very seldom household names. Companies who advertise on his show are obscure, which is odd for a program with millions of listeners, and there is a reason for that.  There is a consensus among responsible companies who understand the importance of protecting their brand that they must avoid contaminating their brands by association with unsavory characters.
    Do you believe that it is merely a “different point of view” to call the President of the United Sates a “man child”, as Rush has repeatedly done, or to feature a segment by a staffer on his show pretending to talk to the President in a distinct ghetto dialect, using ghetto slang, as one “brother” to another?  Far worse are the outright falsehoods Rush makes everyday about people, places and events in the news. If you are interested, I can give you a thousand  examples.
    Second, your commercials on Rush’s show are not run during the “break” but spoken by Rush himself, giving your brand his imprimatur by making it clear that your company has entered into a specific contract with Rush to endorse the Angie’s List brand. This is a decision about Rush made at the highest level of your company by someone who is almost certainly a big Limbaugh fan. Trying to bury Rush’s commercials for you under a “wide array of venues “is about as disingenuous a statement as Rush himself would make.
    Third, your statement that you trust your “members to read reports and make their own decisions about which service companies to hire, [and you] trust them to make their own choices about which outlets to watch, listen to and read [and that you] don't believe it's [your] job to tell them which of those venues to support or monitor”  begs the central question: do you think it is your job to insure that money you pay to public figures to advertise your company’s services is not spent on someone who disseminates hate and lies on a daily basis to millions of people?  If your answer is that Rush does not do that, then you are either delusional or your company is willingly complicit in those lies and that hate, and a boycott against your company’s services is warranted.
    Best regards,

    Angie's List never replied.

    Yesterday, I sent them a one-line email:

    How do you like me now?
    [I apologize for format failure or if this is too long for a comment].

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