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  •  Yes, most Ws are East of the Mississippi, (2+ / 0-)
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    and most Ks are West of the Mississippi.  There are some stations that have been on the air since before the FCC adopted this convention, and they have been able to keep their grandfathered call letters.

    Similarly, nowadays, all station call letters must comprise four letters, the first letter being a K or a W, depending on which side of the Mississippi they are on.  There are some stations that were originally assigned three-letter call signs, back in the early days, and they have been able to keep their three-letter calls, e.g., KOA and WOR.

    •  Some FM stations have four call letters some have (0+ / 0-)

      five and some have six.  Some three-letter AM stations have FM affiliates with five letters.  "FM" is part of some FM call signs but is not part of others.

      •  The -FM is a suffix. (0+ / 0-)

        There are television stations that have the suffix -DT.  In the analog days, the standard suffix was -TV.

        FM and TV stations with such suffixes are still considered to have three- or four-letter calls.

        (f) Only four-letter call signs (plus an LP, FM, TV or CA suffix, if used) will be assigned. The four letter call sign for LPFM stations will be followed by the suffix "-LP." However, subject to the other provisions of this section, a call sign of a station may be conformed to a commonly owned station holding a three-letter call assignment (plus FM, TV, CA or LP suffixes, if used).

        Based on the wording of this rule, an FM station can have a -FM suffix, but there is no provision for an AM station to have a -AM suffix.

        As regards, the W/K divide, subsection (e) of the same rule says:

        Call signs beginning with the letter "K" will not be assigned to stations located east of the Mississippi River, nor will call signs beginning with the letter "W" be assigned to stations located west of the Mississippi River.

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