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View Diary: Koch Brothers to Obama: This time it's Personal (167 comments)

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  •  Let them try (2+ / 0-)
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    Creosote, Beetwasher

    Koch Industries is indeed trying to corner the oil market.

    It's an act of fundamentalist insanity.  They aren't remotely big enough to do it.  In the mean time, they are using derivatives and the like to lever themselves up.  When it blows up (if Obama keeps Iran from blowing up the Middle East that's enough, a 10-15% drop in oil prices is enough to bring the house of cards down) Koch Industries is going down.  And they're privately held so we don't know how fucked up their balance sheet is.  My guess is that it makes Enron look like the model of financial reporting probity.   I also suspect they watch too many re-runs of "Dallas" and never found out about Larry Hagman's real-world political views.

    In the mean time, as they become a public brand, they are becoming one of those catch-all concepts that are about as appealing to politicians as "Willy Horton."

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