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  •  Oh yeah, I am fully aware of Patricia Heaton... (4+ / 0-)
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    from everyone loves raymond, who was an avid GWB supporter and did not understand why the "hollywood community" did not understand him.  This from an article I read about her.  And remember the Michael J Fox/Rush Limbaugh controversy, which is why McCaskill won the senate seat in Missouri?

    In October 2006, Heaton appeared in a commercial opposing a Missouri state constitutional amendment concerning embryonic stem cell research, which subsequently passed. The advertisement was a response to the election of Democratic Senate hopeful Claire McCaskill and ran at about the same time as Michael J. Fox's advertisement supporting the amendment.[6] Appearing with Heaton were actor Jim Caviezel, pitcher Jeff Suppan, then of the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike Sweeney of the Seattle Mariners and quarterback Kurt Warner, formerly of the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.[13] Following a public outcry, Heaton later said she regretted doing the ad and sent an apology to Fox, claiming she wasn't aware of Fox's ad before she did hers. Fox accepted her apology and later stated that “If we can have a healthy dialogue about issues that people see differently, that’s marvelous.”[6]
    And as good as Jim Caviezel was in the Mel Gibson Passion movie, he has not been able to advance his career in Hollywood.  There is a time when you keep your trap shut to keep a job.

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