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View Diary: About those "offshore tankers" that Koch Industries use to "to cash in" when the Price is Right (133 comments)

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    @ Naked Capitalism details the method: Basically, there are two sorts of 'oil futures': Volumetric Production Payment (VPP) and Prepay.

    Prepay does not move the oil, which stays where it is in the ground or in tank. What prepay does is to create an ownership claim over oil which may be sold either temporarily (Enron-style) as an ‘oil loan’ to investors, or to refiners, who take delivery in due course of oil for which they have fixed the price by ‘paying forward’.

    Investors prepay for physical oil which goes nowhere and stays in the custody of the producer, who has an agreement to buy the oil back from the investor, typically a month later in a forward contract that looks just like a futures contract. The outcome is that – facilitated by an investment bank intermediary – the producer lends oil to the investor, and the investor lends dollars to the producer.

    The temporary ownership rights created and sold to investors via intermediaries such as Goldman Sachs essentially enable a producer to act as a private oil bank ‘printing oil’.

    Producers obtain dollars interest-free in exchange for transferring title to oil inventory to the investment bank, and what this means is that the producers do not need to sell as much physical oil to refiners, who must therefore raise their bid price to secure supply from producers, and this is why the price rose rapidly in early 2009 even though the market was not under-supplied.

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