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View Diary: Wrong Framing! It’s Not About Contraception (66 comments)

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    Catte Nappe

    It's not "once they cut you your paycheck." It's "As the employer who is thinking of hiring, they are deciding how big the paycheck will be and what the other benefits will be for this position."

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      These plans are given out because there's a government exemption in the tax laws that says the employee doesn't have to treat them as income. Since they are part of that exemption, the government can set any rules it wants for them. The employer should have no say in the matter.

      But, I don't know in what world an employer gets to decide how their compensation is used after the employee gets it. That makes no sense to me, and I don't see how religious organization have any right to tell their employees what kind of medical procedures are suitable for coverage. This all comes down to them trying to decide how their employees will use the compensation they get. Why would we ever give them that kind of control?

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        The company works out the specifics of the package with the insurance company(ies) prior to the employee receiving it.

        I am in complete agreement with you that they shouldn't be picking over the details of the package according to their own opinions about what their employees should be doing. I just don't agree that this is a superior framing because it seems to put the spotlight more on the benefit as a provision specific to the employer. I think we are on better ground when we frame contraception as a basic health need of women, so a necessary part of any health plan.

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