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View Diary: Wrong Framing! It’s Not About Contraception (66 comments)

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  •  Not to mention, it's not just my boss handing... (3+ / 0-)
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    Liberal Thinking, moiv, lostinamerica

    me a pack of birth control pills every month.  I go to the pharmacy just like for every other medication I get.

    The insurance company covers it.  It's not like my boss sits there and reviews every medication I've been prescribed.

    But seriously, lets me honest here, this isn't about money or choice, it's about control.  It's about the small minded, needing to control women and digging their heels in the sand that we want rights.  Believe it or not, we're made for more than being subservient, making sandwiches and producing offspring.  

    Birth control is a right.  I have a right to plan my family.  Insurance companies pay for all my other medications, why is this one so different?  I pay for my health insurance, why should I be told by some hypocritical religious nut what my health insurance company should cover?

    •  control? (0+ / 0-)

      No one is making you contracept. No one is preventing your from contracepting. No one is controlling you.

      The only ones being controlled here is them employer who is being forced to do something that he does not wish to do. Something that he believes to be immoral.

      The insurance company covers it.  
      They do if the company pays to have it be park of the package.
      Birth control is a right.
      But Birth Control that someone pays for for me is not. I also have a right to bear arms. No one is obligated to buy me a 12 gauge and ammo.

      I want a gun, i just go buy it.

      •  It is atttempting to be prevented... (2+ / 0-)
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        lostinamerica, Liberal Thinking

        by making the cost higher, many people cannot afford $60 a month for birth control, which is how much it is out of pocket, with no insurance.  

        Employers can cry my a fucking river, if they don't like having to provide health insurance, they should go out of business.

        I'm so sick of having this conversation with a brick wall.  If no one is forcing you to take contraception, please shut up, this has nothing to do with you.  Your opinion is not valid in this context.  My personal rights are more important to me than some small business owner who think's he's the second coming of Jesus and needs to tell women how to have babies.  Please get over it and get over yourself.  You're not a one person crusade, you're view point is skewed to the point, where you have invalidated yourself.

      •  No One Else Is Paying For It (0+ / 0-)

        This is part of a package that's earned. It's paid for by the employee, who earns the package. The company isn't "paying for it". They are giving the employee that package as compensation. The employee is earning it, and the employee is paying for everything that's in it.

        The idea that companies pay for these things is just erroneous. Without the workers working for it, there wouldn't be any money to pay for it.

        It's like the concept that employers create jobs. Employers do not create jobs. Workers create jobs. Until the worker agrees to work there isn't any job, just a job opening, a job opportunity, an empty position. When the worker agrees to work, that creates the job. Workers are job creators.

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