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  •  Thanks for sharing your story (15+ / 0-)

    We homeschool, and my oldest, now 15 is involved in speech and debate with a whole group of children who are being raised with fundamentalist parents...they teach them to debate (governmental policy)  so they can later advocate for their faith.

    My son is very clear in understanding his own beliefs, and this has been a really instructive journey into how others think, into faith based communities, etc. because we are the outsiders.

    The thing that throws me, is that if it weren't for the religion, these are the kids I would love to have mine hanging out with all the time...polite, well mannered, comfortable talking to adults, sweet with their siblings, really smart (albeit limited due to their education/familial situation) seriously, it would be hard to find a nicer group of teens.

    And yet....I feel so sorry for them.  Sorry that they are going to have such a tough time when they go out into the world after being so sequestered all their lives.  Sorry that they are being brainwashed into thinking that there is only one right way, only one right answer to everything, not being taught to question and think, just to obey.

    You've given me hope for them, thank you.  I really, really like some of these kids (the parents less so).  

    I'll be diarying this whole experience in the summer after the debate season is over.  Watch for it through the education alternatives group.

    I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one

    by k8dd8d on Thu Mar 15, 2012 at 03:59:31 PM PDT

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