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  •  If Kucinich loses tomorrow, I say we draft him to (0+ / 0-)

    run for Governor in 2014.  I know it's a real gamble with Kucinich but I've always believed that we need to turn Swing States into Blue States if we want to send better Democrats to Washington, D.C.  We end up getting moderates in the Senate because there's still a good chunk of Democratic voters that our centrist.  I know some people probably want Ted Strickland to make a comeback but I'd like to see Stickland run for Senate in 2016.  If Republican Senator Rob Portman actually leaves his seat to run for President, we have a much better shot at getting that seat and Stickland's popularity is on the rise again while Portman's popularity is lagging.  Yes Kucinich has some baggage, like his inability to pass his own legislation in the House and his short stint as mayor of Cleveland but I believe Kucinich would be a great candidate for governor for these reasons:

    1.  He can connect with working class voters, especially union members.  Remember, this man lived in his car and knows what it's like to be poor and working class.  He truly supports American jobs and unions and he will know how to pound Kasich on the issue effectively.

    2.  He can get the youth vote.  Kucinich has always been on the right side of social issues, education and environmental issues.  He is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.  I know these issues can be a gamble in a swing state like Ohio but the youth vote cares greatly about these issues.  Plus, he has proven to not be a D.C. hack and is sincere and can generate a huge grass root movement, especially on college campuses.

    3.  He can get the anti-war Libertarian Ron Paul crowd.  I don't like Ron Paul for the most part but I like Ron Paul's views on foreign policy and he has been a great colleague of Kucinich.  This would be the perfect opportunity to actually use Ron Paul in helping get his anti-war, pro pot legalization out to vote for him.  Yes, they won't agree with him on economic issues but I know some of Ron Paul's ardent anti-war supporters still like Kucinich and haven't tried to go after him.

    Kucinich is the man that can unite working class voters, union members, the youth, the libertarians, the female vote, the gay vote and the minority vote.  He can also generate a buzz with middle class voters.  So what do you say folks?  Kucinich for Governor in 2014 and Ted Strickland for Senate in 2016!

    •  Whoa! Where do I even start? (4+ / 0-)

      If Kucinich loses his Democratic-packed district (about 65-35), he has absolutely no hope of getting any traction in a 50/50 state. None. Zip. Zero. His candidacy would probably destroy the state Democratic party; he would likely lose by an even greater margin than Rob Burch did in 1994 (72-28).

      Yes, I know there are feelers out for Strickland to run again, which I think is a bad idea. It's very backward looking and Ohio Democrats have a deep bench — among the names mentioned are Jennifer Brunner, Rich Cordray, Tim Ryan, Ed FitzGerald, and David Pepper. We have a new generation of people like Ryan, Pepper and FitzGerald (all mid 40s or younger) coming up very fast. We don't need retreads.

      That also speaks against the idea of running a 75-year-old (he would be then) Ted Strickland against Rob Portman in 2016. Non-starter.

      There is no proof that Kucinich has any special ability to connect with blue-collar workers. He has bled such people in the last four years thanks to his national focus and throwing celebrity and glitz at them when they were struggling to get by. This is the crowd that is pissed at him for running  for president a second time after saying he wouldn't and for threatening to decamp for another state. Even in the current campaign, he's tossing around names like Gore Vidal, Ani DiFranco and Barney Frank who are meaningless to the district's blue-collar voters.

      Youth vote? Clearly you have never been to a Kucinich event. I have never seen a candidate whose base has such a high average age. I'd put it in the mid 70s. His most fervent followers are retirees. He has no appeal on college campuses. His legend as the brave progressive lone ranger is out of touch with where most younger people are at.

      Paulies are Paulies. They're not going to jump on the Kucinich bandwagon. Never count on Paulies.

      "Kucinich is the man that can unite working class voters, union members, the youth, the libertarians, the female vote, the gay vote and the minority vote.  He can also generate a buzz with middle class voters."

      This is unrealistic in the extreme. Most of those groups see Kucinich as a flake. He is never there when the hard work is being done, only when the TV cameras show up. And people here in the Cleveland area know this.

      That doesn't even touch on his proven ineptitude as an executive and his total inability to build coalitions.

      Then there's my personal beef: he supports rigged, gerrymandered districts. He's anti fair elections.

      I can't think of a worse candidate for governor of Ohio.

      Take the "Can't(or)" out of Congress. Support E. Wayne Powell in Va-07.

      by anastasia p on Tue Mar 06, 2012 at 12:04:15 PM PST

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