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View Diary: Assassinating U.S. Citizens: Holder says "Yes We Can" (731 comments)

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  •  Undeclared war versus declared war (7+ / 0-)


    We formally declared war on both Japan and Germany.

    This country has yet to formally declare war against terrorism.

    Rules of war are clear.

    Without declaring war and defining the enemy we have allowed ourselves the license to pre- and postemptively pick and choose who we knock off and take out absent the rules of war, let alone the due process afforded all Americans.

    We are in an undeclared war of indeterminate and indefinite length punctuated by secret killings (with collateral civilian damage), done by executive fiat, justified by a secret memo not subject to judicial review, using an instrument of power kept off the books.

    What form of government does this bring to mind?

    •  Semantics (0+ / 0-)

      Since then, authorizations of use of military force have more than sufficed as a legal declaration of use of force.  This issue has been dead for 70 years.

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