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  •  if you're going to attempt to dissociate religion (4+ / 0-)
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    cryonaut, Wee Mama, Kane in CA, RedPencil

    fromp humanity--and limit your travel destinations to places that were not influenced by religion, you rule out:

    Middle East (Islamic-influenced art)
    Southeast Asia (Strong Buddhist influence)
    India (pervasive Hindu/Muslim influences--art, culture, society, etc.)
    Europe (Italy--you know, Renaissance and all that, Vatican, etc.)
    Russia (Orthodox iconography, architecture. etc)
    South America, Latin America (Catholic influences)
    The U.S. (heavily Christian-influenced)


    I'd broaden your horizons if I were you.

    •  I think you misunderstood my response (5+ / 0-)
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      sleipner, freerad, Bluefin, skayne, ngk01001

      The whole point of Isreal's existence is religious, is it not? Same with various Islamic republics, no?

      That's not the same as the other places you mentioned beyond the middle east.


      As for broadening my horizons, we all have our interests, don't we?  I don't think I'll be insulting you because you have failed to mimic mine; and I'd appreciate the same from you.

      •  first of all it's Israel (2+ / 0-)
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        Kane in CA, RedPencil

        people who misspell Israel's name are often "coincidentally" anti-Israel. On what basis are you claiming "The whole point of Isreal's existence is religious, is it not?"???

        Zionism is a wholly secular idea of establishing a nation for the Jews as an ethnic people, a people in a diaspora and persecuted for thousands of years. How is that religious? You need to broadening your horizons about educating yourself on the topics you blab about.

        •  You would have the world believe that (0+ / 0-)

          making a spelling mistake equates you to anti-Semites?!!!!!

          Please go away.  We don't need or want contributions from people seeking to derail the discussion.

          This is too serious.

        •  good grief (0+ / 0-)

          I post several comments where I spell the name correctly, and you cherry pick one where in my haste I misspelled it to highlight?

          Should I comment on your lack of proper capitalization? You Anti-Captite!

          As far as your comment, I'm not aware that Israel has a constitution, but it seems the nation is pretty intertwined with religion.

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