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  •  I'm late to this but ... (5+ / 0-)

    I used to be a huge supporter Israel ... I even named my first car Golda because I admired her so much.  I admit that much of my admiration  was because I was young and romantic.

    The older I got, the more I learned, the more I tempered my support and I have found out that I need to be careful how I word things or I get accused of not knowing, not understanding or just being anti-Semitic.  I don't think that I am, but I am tired of the pro-Israeli lobby and of the defensiveness.

    I once heard (on PBS) an Israeli national speaking about the violence toward the Palestinians.  He thought that the problem was not land, but that in their zeal (maybe even their fear) of being victims had forgotten compassion and become the victimizers.

    A Palestinian man I once worked with told how his family at first welcomed the Jews that were coming to form Israel.  They knew of the horrible things that had happened to them and wanted to be supportive.  However, they went from support to hesitancy to fear.  Finally, violence and restrictions made them move and eventually immigrate while the going was good.  He always worried about the family that stayed behind. The stupid thing was tht he voted Republican because he want the USA to be s strong military power ... he did not want to lose his home again.

    I don't hate Israel, but I am not happy with the ways things are -- then again, I am not happy with the way things are here in the USA.

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