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View Diary: America’s Problem Identified in 5 Hour Flight To & From Chicago For Coffee Party Meeting (151 comments)

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    once great like rome - america had it's time in the sun. but unlike gm challenged by toyota - america didn't get better. instead of rising to the challenge of the rest of the world catching up and surpassing the usa at almost every juncture.  we just stood still and pretended.
    if you accept the notion that we are only the military might of the world - better trained, better armaments, more bombs and nothing else, then that must be our lot in life.
    if you accept the precept that we are a corporatist/oligarchy with a dumbed down citizenry then that's all we will ever be.  i fear the latter.  policy in this country is determined by which corporation bought an election for which purchased legislator.  there is no wisdom.  no expertise. no better angels.  our people are denied real news, denied a full education - one that teaches critical thinking skills and encourages curiosity - and only teaches to the "test".
    our technology is addicting and distracting.  video games that could teach and inform only glorify war and killing those "others", and endless meaningless selfish texting "i just saw john with betsy". the study of languages or even speaking your own ethnic language is isolating most of us from the rest of the world.  it should be a great embarrasment that the rest of the world can speak 2 or more and americans get their panties in a wad over having to press 1 for english.   this was purely the result of large monied interests rigging the game in their favor.  if the ordinary citizens are pre-occupied and uninformed, large money can do anything they want.


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